My Conversation With Christine Luken

I am very excited about the newest episode - Interview with Christine Luken - the Financial Lifeguard.  She did a great job and we will have her back again.  If you are looking for Financial Coaching you can contact Christine at:

Email -


I appreciated her sharing her story with us and her struggles with money EVEN THOUGH SHE KNEW WHAT TO DO.....

Her book - Money is Emotional - is excellent... i am about 3/4 through it myself.  One thing I did not expect when beginning to Interview such high quality people is that I would not have to, but would want to read the books that they wrote - Neale Godfrey - Money Doesn't Grow on Trees,, Christine Luken - Money is Emotional and I am reading "Undaunted" right now which is written by Kara Goldin - Founder and CEO of Hint Water.  I am growing so much not just as a podcaster, but as a person.  

This has been an incredible ride.....  looking forward to where it takes me... and the audience of The Simple Money Show.


Tommy G